Year 6 – Friday 3rd April learning

We have come to the end of another week of home learning, and indeed, the end of another term. I wish you all a happy and faith-filled couple of weeks, in which you continue to stay safe whilst remembering the significant events of Holy Week and the Easter weekend. Please see Mrs Heymoz’s newsletter about the whole-school RE home learning (I’ll put the instructions up on Monday as a reminder).

Yesterday, Evie sent me this photo. It’s of a pillbox from WW2, and you can find it in the golf course. It’s so well preserved and is a really interesting piece of history on our doorstep. Soldiers during the war would have hidden inside and used it as a lookout post to check for Germans invading. There’s another pillbox lurking in the golf course – send me a photo if you find it!

Matthew has shared his beautiful RE learning, reflecting on the painting of Jesus’ crucifixion. Thank you, Matthew.

Until then, here is your learning for today:

Subject Activity
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Prayer Visit and reflect on today’s Bible verse and message.
Spelling Ask a family member to dictate the following passage to you, writing it into your handwriting book. Remember to think about correct punctuation, as well as spelling. Words in bold and underlined are this week’s spelling words, whilst those just in bold are words from previous weeks’ spelling lists.


After the resignation of the current manager, the chairman of Padley United couldn’t sacrifice any time to assign a replacement: the team were ten points adrift at the bottom of the table. The club’s designated spokesperson has stated, “Relegation from the First Division would signify the end of an era for the club. Any potential manager that agreed to put his signature on the dotted line would need to accomplish a miracle to keep United in the league. Even the players had resigned themselves to their fate. The club were hoping to persuade superstar manager, Jose Gonzalez, to take over and design a new team that could turn things around. It didn’t matter if he didn’t speak the language, that the players may not understand his Spanish pronunciation or that he was demanding a huge wage. Those things would all be insignificant if he could keep Padley United in the First Division.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT revise this week’s learning.

Mathletics questions on what you’ve learnt this week:

1.                   Multiply Fraction by Fraction

2.                   Multiply Two Fractions

There are a few children who have not completed last Friday’s online maths tasks. Please ensure this is done as I need to be able to see how you are getting on.

D&T WALT perform simple food skills safely with a focus on sieving, stirring, kneading and shaping.

This week’s D&T challenge is baking bread. Follow the powerpoint here, then click here for the recipe.

Please send me photos and let me know how you get on!

Prayer Reflection Light a candle, put on some quiet music and spend 15 minutes quietly reflecting on your week and on this quote:

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