Year 6 – 27/11/20

Another week has flown by in Year 6, with more fantastic learning from the class.

Maths has seen them solving lots of percentages problems, whilst in this week’s Science lesson, the children worked in groups to prove that light travels in straight lines:

In English, we started our new WW2 novel called The Children of the King which gave way to great discussion about evacuation. We looked at propaganda posters and explored their persuasive devices, then considered arguments for and against evacuation. Here is their Conscience Alley, in which one side is trying to convince Heather to evacuate her children, and the other side aims to dissuade her.

The children were excited to make a start on the KS2 Advent Service and Y6 Carol Service, the latter of which will be played on Potters Bar Radio in the lead-up to Christmas! The carols are sounding beautiful already and we are looking forward to recording all the parts over the next fortnight. (See further down for YouTube links to practise songs)

Home learning for this week is a whole-school focus as this Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent. Click here for details.

Spellings are the same as last week:

















Additionally, we are providing you with an electronic version of the Wednesday Word, so that each week you can focus on the Advent Gospel readings. Here is this Sunday’s copy.

Advent & Carol Service links

O Holy Night – Click here

Silent Night – click here

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  1. Steve O'Keeffe
    Steve O'Keeffe says:

    Wow – exciting subject matter and looks really fun.
    This is the first time I have seen a video update on the blog – it looks great and enables parents to get a feel and insight into classroom activity – especially important during Covid times.
    Many thanks
    Steve O’Keeffe (parent governor.)


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