Year 6 – 16/10/20

The main focus this week has been to finish the drafting and editing of the children’s short stories. The class has worked so hard ensuring their stories are the best they can be, and I am looking forward to reading the finished pieces which will go towards their Year 6 writing portfolios.

In Maths, the children enjoyed developing the skill of prioritising information in puzzles and problems. I was so impressed with how enthusiastic the children were to get onto each challenge.

In Science, we are nearing the end of our topic on the human body, so this week we learnt about the effects of drugs on the body. It was a lesson full of excellent questions and discussion, and the children were surprised by the many different effects drugs can have on the brain.

In Art, the children continued learning about Impressionism, with this week’s emphasis being on the use of complementary colours in Impressionist paintings:

In PE, the children were jumping for distance. They were set the challenge of jumping the equivalent of their height and they had an island hopping race to put their horizontal jumping skills to the test:

Here is the meditation we listened to for our wellbeing session today:

Home learning for this week:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·        Lowest Common Multiple

·        Greatest Common Factor

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This week’s words contain a silent k or w:













SPaG Task assigned on

·        Subordinate clauses & conjunctions (B)

·        Apostrophes & commas (A)

Have a great weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

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  1. Marina
    Marina says:

    Thank you Miss Donatantonio looks like a very busy week as always. I must just say though Matthew’s face really is brilliant. I do not even want to imagine what my delightful son had said or dare I say done 🤨!!!!


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