Year 5 – 16/11/23 | Anti-Racism Week

This week has been national Anti-Bullying Week, which for Pope Paul School has been Anti-Racism Week more particularly. In Year 5, we have had some really interesting, thought-provoking and challenging discussions in class that began on Monday with defining exactly what race and racism mean, moving onto what it means to be anti-racist (as opposed to simply being non-racist), and then how we can be anti-racist in our actions. The photos below show the children acting out scenarios, which led to discussions about what should have been done to challenge the racism in each situation. The children have been mature, curious and brave in the questions they have asked and in the ideas that they have shared. I am really proud of how they have participated and am confident that they are going to be wonderful advocators of anti-racism in our world.

In Science, we concluded our Animals Including Humans unit this week by carrying out investigations involving measuring children from different classes. After turning our data into line graphs, we could see a clear positive correlation between age and height.

Fraser, Nathan and Aram led us in a thoughtful collective worship on the theme of forgiveness – thank you boys.

Home learning for this week:

Maths Mathletics assignments – revision of this half term’s place value concepts:

·        Inverse operations (addition & subtraction) (Quest)

·        Multi-step addition & subtraction problems (Quest)

Reading 5 tests on Readtheory or 20 minutes of reading per day
SPaG Assignment on

·        Relative clauses

Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your EdShed login, and play a variety of games to practise this week’s spelling rule: Words ending in ‘-ant’

·        distant

·        elegant

·        abundant

·        fragrant

·        brilliant

·        ignorant

·        constant

·        tolerant

·        dominant

·        vacant

Please also become familiar with our Advent Service song that we started learning today:

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

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