Year 2 Blog Week 19

Year 2 have enjoyed a week of creative learning. We took part in a wonderful workshop all about being a Cyber Hero. The children discussed the world of online gaming and all the fun that can be had as well as the dangers that are online. We explored the issues of online bullying, age appropriate games, in-game chats and pop-up advertisements.

A Cyber Hero does the right thing online. We POP – pause our play if something online makes us feel sad, upset or worried and we tell a trusted adult. We say NO to cyber bullying! Playing age appropriate games are the only games worth playing.

Our topic in History is Changes within living memory – Communication past and present. We have been learning about carrier pigeon messengers and the children created some beautiful collage carrier pigeons.

In Maths we have continued work on addition and subtraction, focusing on our ‘Think 10’ strategy.

43 – 6 = ?

How would you use Think 10 to solve this calculation?

Home Learning:

Spellings: hospital, metal, legal, pedal, animal and capital.

Common exception words: sure, could, eye, who, move.

Mathletics: Adding to 2 digit numbers, Repartition & Commutative property of addition.

Take some time to discuss online safety and age appropriate games with your child so that we make sure the internet can be safe and fun for everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey