Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Dear Year 4,

Good Morning.  Thank you for your messages and photos on what you have been up to at the weekend and your learning from yesterday and Friday too!

Today, please make sure that you complete your RE task on ‘Imago Dei’ – we look forward to seeing your decorative signs.

Have a good day.

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara.


PE Click here for your Active June worksheet. How many gold levels are you up to?

If you enjoy the Joe Wicks workout, please continue to have fun with his daily activities.

Morning Prayer

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect…

A Bright New Day

Father, we thank you for the night,

And the pleasant morning light;

For the rest and food and loving care,

And all that makes the day so fair.

Help us to do the things we should,

To be to others kind and good;

In all we do at work or play

To grow more loving every day.










Read Theory


Reading Log

Did you enjoy the book link from yesterday? What was the most interesting fact you have learnt about spiders?

Log onto Read theory and complete at least 5 exercises


What are you reading?  Have you been updating your reading log?

Post us a picture of your reading logs!!  We would love to hear about the current book you are reading.

Spelling https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/45/27-Word-list-years-3-and-4—ci–to-ea-

This week’s words are:

early, earth, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear.

In your neatest handwriting, write a sentence or paragraph with each word.  Make sure you look up the meaning of any word above in a dictionary if you are unsure about its definition.

REMEMBER: the perimeter is the distance all the way around a 2D shape.
Main Activity:
Click here for the worksheet     Click here for the answers.
Click here for the worksheet.    Click here for the answers.
English Click here for today’s learning. You are going to read another Ananse story today and compare it to the first one. After looking at sentence structure you are going to retell the second story using a story board.

Click here for your second PowerPoint on sentence structure


Wider Curriculum






WALT: understand the importance of Imago Dei.


Song for Tuesday





For this week, your afternoon learning will focus on the news.  The tasks in the table below are linked to last week’s edition of children’s newspaper, First News.

Click here for the activities.

Click here for the First News Newspaper.


Click onto the RE Blog about Catholic Social Teaching

When the Church writes its official teaching, it writes in Latin.

In Latin the phrase ‘Image of God’ is ‘Imago Dei’. We know that God has no physical body. God is pure spirit, so we can’t actually look like God. But we can be like God in our nature – in the way we act and speak and behave. We can be like God, being creative, not destructive.

This afternoon, we would like you to make some decorative signs that say Imago Dei and place them on the mirrors in your home so that when you look in the mirror and see yourself, you are reminded that you are made in God’s image.



Together On Tuesday
Sing Of A Rainbow

A fabulous song for introducing the colours of the rainbow and their order!



If you are keen, here is the First News edition for this week….Click First News

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