Spring Term Week 4

In Year 5 this week, we were visited by Hertfordshire School Partnership to talk about keeping safe online. The children listened well and asked questions to help improve their understanding of internet safety. Year 5 were introduced to new concepts, such as having a digital footprint. I hope the session that was run for parents following our talk was helpful to those who attended.

In maths, we have continued with our fraction learning and have made links to how they are used in everyday life. We learnt that 10p is a tenth of £1 and 1p was a hundredth. With this information, the children took part in an investigation into how 76 hundreds could be made using coins and developed their understanding the relationship between tenths and hundredths.

In R.E, we have begun learning about the Sacraments of healing. This week, we focused on Reconciliation. Year 5 made booklets about what the Sacrament is and shared them with Year 3. We hope this will support them as they near the time of celebrating this sacrament for the first time.

Our week came to a snowy end. The children had a fantastic time playing outside.