Spring 2 Week 7

Another busy week has flown by in Year 5! On Wednesday, we began our Lenten journey as we went to mass at OLSV to receive our ashes. The children behaved reverently throughout and sang beautifully. Today, the children took part in our Lenten assembly where they placed their promise on the wall alongside the rest of the school.

In R.E, we have been learning about the Stations of the Cross. Year 5 learnt what the Via Dolorosa is and researched the traditional stations. They also discovered what is now at each location and gave a presentation to the class about it. On Wednesday, Year 5 looked at artistic representations of the stations through the work of the nuns at Turvey Abbey as well as those on the wall of our church. Next week, they will create their own.

On Thursday we celebrated world book day. The outfits were amazing and represented a wide range of books. Well done, Year 5!

We have continued our writing based on The Adventures of Dish and Spoon. The children have been getting into role as Dish and using skills such as parenthesis to communicate her feelings. They have also been working on showing a characters feelings without telling their reader.

Next week, we are visiting the Houses of Parliament. The letter is now available for you on schoolcomms.

Have a great weekend.