8th March

This week was another busy week in Year 4.  On Monday, the children discussed their Lenten promises and the importance of praying, fasting and almsgiving.  As we talked about Jesus’ love for us, the children each created a crown of thorns.  It’s a new tradition in which you create a crown (from dough), add thorns (toothpicks), and  remove one thorn each time a good deed is done.

On Wednesday, we joined the rest of Key Stage 2 and celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass , receiving ashes on our forehead.  The children sang beautifully and Jamie and Heather brought up the Offertory gifts.

After swimming on Wednesday afternoon, the class continued with their violin lessons with Mrs Rodgers and their   their plucking skills.  She has commented that the children are focussed and working hard to learn their new instrument.

On Thursday the classroom was buzzing with excitement as the children came dressed up as a wide variety of book characters.  It is so encouraging to see the children taking part in various fun and creative reading and writing opportunities to really promote the importance of reading.  We took part in an online creative workshop about the author Jeff McKinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  The children found out about his work and what inspired him to write.  They then went on to writing their own diary extract, making it as funny as they could.  The class giggled many times as they took turns to read aloud their extracts.