Year 6 – 08/03/19

Well done to everyone for your efforts dressing up as your favourite book characters yesterday; there were some very impressive costumes!

In RE, as we enter into Lent, we have been learning about the Stations of the Cross. Each child has focused on a particular station and has produced artwork of their station, based on the beautiful Turvey Abbey interpretations.

Year 6 ended the week by inviting their Reception learning partners to an Act of Worship prepared by Claudia, Jaineel, Oliver and Sofia, for which the focus was Lent.

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 12th March) is as follows:

Spellings Plural nouns (see below for word list) – spelling sentences to be written in pink Home Learning book.

Times tables

Continue to revise all times tables.
Reading At least 30 minutes of

Daily reading, with parent signature once a week.

RE On 19th March, Year 5 and 6 are going to the church to have a Mass for Lent. As this date is the feast day of St Joseph, the children are asked to do some research on this saint. St Joseph is not spoken about in the Bible after Luke’s account of a young Jesus in the temple, and so he is often overshadowed.

Here are some points for you to consider in your research:

What is he patron saint of?

What do we know about him from Scripture?

Are there any prayers devoted to him?

Spelling list (to be tested Friday 15th March)

Plural nouns

chimneys thieves
cities stories
families knives
hobbies babies
wolves leaves
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