Spring 2 Week 4

As part of Science  week each class were asked to send messages in different ways around the school. Year 2 sent messages using their own marble mazes. Next week the children will be planning and building Rube Goldberg models that will reveal messages. Please send in any cardboard rolls/tubes or boxes.

On Tuesday, Joe’s mum taught us how scientists can also be detectives! We had a mystery to solve…someone had taken Mrs Carey’s mug and had left a note asking for money for it’s return! We tested the pens of different teachers to find out who’s pen wrote the note, using chromatography paper. The children were very excited when they solved the mystery and discovered I had written the note!

We were also lucky enough to be visited by Anna’s mum and dad, who explained how they use Science in their jobs as vets, to care for sick or injured animals. We also identified and grouped animal skulls and looked at red and white blood cells of sick animals on the visualizer.

Today Jamie and Charlie’s mum visited with lots of different animals. We held some of them and learnt about different reptiles and invertebrates . Thank you to all the parents who shared their science knowledge with us.

Well done to Sive, Tara and all the Irish Dancers who entertained us  for St Patricks Day.

Have a great weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Spag.com – a SATs SPAG test has been set. The only terminology they will be unfamiliar with is adverb (this is only for one question). An adverb is a word that describes a verb (doing word). For example He ate his breakfast quickly. The word ‘quickly’ is an adverb as it tells us how he ate (the verb) his breakfast.

Reading – please read and sign your reading records.

Mathletics – mulitplication and division activities have been set.


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