Reception- Week 17

Despite a week of terrible weather at times, Reception have still managed to have plenty of outdoor learning time. We have been focussing on the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have turned our outdoor role play area into a building site for the pigs. This story has proven to be so popular this week, that we have decided to take it over to next week too!

IMG_8371 IMG_8373 IMG_8379 IMG_8381 IMG_8385 IMG_8450 IMG_8453 IMG_8457 IMG_8459 IMG_8479

The children had fun working in pairs or groups, to create their own den that didn’t fall down. During this time there was lots of idea sharing and we witnessed lots of lovely team work.

IMG_8300 IMG_8301 IMG_8303 IMG_8333 IMG_8334 IMG_8461

Inside, the children used Polydrons or straws to make new homes for the Three Little Pigs.

IMG_8357 IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8365 IMG_8368 IMG_8388 IMG_8405 IMG_8406 IMG_8436 IMG_8438

In RE, we really enjoyed listening to the children talk about their special objects from home. It was so lovely hearing them explain how their object demonstrated the love they had for a family member. Thank you for helping your child with this home learning.

IMG_8477 IMG_8502 IMG_8514 IMG_8522 IMG_8527 IMG_8530 IMG_8539   IMG_8547 IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8560 IMG_8562 IMG_8563

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team

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  1. fiona masterson
    fiona masterson says:

    I absolutly love this blog. It gives me an insight into his daily life as all i get at the end of the day is “im hungry”. Thank you x


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