Reception Spring 2 Week 3

What an exciting week of science learning Reception have had!

The class started the week with a science problem set by Mrs Heymoz. She told the children that she enjoyed dipping her biscuit in her tea, but she was tired of her biscuits breaking apart and dropping to the bottom. She asked the children to investigate which biscuit was best for dunking.

The children had fun predicting which biscuit would be best and they had lots of really good reasons as to why they had chosen their particular biscuit. The most exciting part however, was when the children took part in the practical part of the investigation!

The whole class were astonished to find that the Rich Tea biscuit was the best!

During the week, Reception also joined the rest of KS1 listening to Mrs Worrell (Lucy and Caitlin’s mum in Year 2) explain how she uses science in her job as a nurse.

Reception class also took part in a colour hunt. First, the class coloured in their own strip of boxes in different colours and then placed double sided sticky tape down the centre. Next, the children went outside and searched the schools grounds for natural objects that matched their colours. When they found something, they stuck it onto their chart. The children found out that the hardest colour to match was blue!

Reception finished their week with a special assembly and celebration morning. It was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents! Thank you for your continued support!

Next week we will be  learning about plants and growing. Our story focus will be Jack and the Beanstalk.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer










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