PGL Day 5 and additional photos

PGL 2019 has come to an end, but not without plenty of memories made, challenges faced and new skills acquired. Year 6 you really were fantastic this week; you were an asset to the school and it was a pleasure to watch you all participating in the activities, playing on the beach, encouraging each other and smiling through it all. I wasn’t able to post photos from my camera whilst at the centre, so here are lots more photos to enjoy from the whole week. Rest well this weekend and enjoy the half term.

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  1. Gianna
    Gianna says:

    Wow what a week!
    Fantastic photos and wonderful memories for them to treasure.
    Thank you to all the adults who helped on the trip. Enjoy the rest!

  2. Claire
    Claire says:

    We cannot thank you enough for creating some incredible memories for Will. He had an amazing time away and has taken so much from the experience. Thanks also for giving him such a special birthday morning. Enjoy the half term rest!


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