Friday 3rd July Learning

Here is your learning today. Please email me photos of your learning and if you have questions about the learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Today’s Prayer – Friday Prayer




Practise doubling numbers.


Measure how tall the people in your house are and write the heights in your Maths book. Complete the following sentences.


____________ is the tallest.

____________ is the shortest.

__________ is taller than ____________

____________ is shorter than ___________.

_______is __cm taller than __________.

_______is __cm shorter  than __________.




Write the date


WALT- write a description

Did you find any other minibeasts on your hunt yesterday? If yes write a description of what you found and where you found it. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions.


Can you make a minibeast hotel? Click on the link below.

Minibeast hotel

Spelling/Handwriting Write each word 4 times

no    go  so    by   my





Letters and Sounds lesson at 10.30am for Year 1  – Today is a Review lesson.


If your child would like to revise the Phase 3 sounds – 10.00am

Reading  Complete the reading task on the link below.

Reading Task

Wider Curriculum Choose an activity from the Olympics Blog. Remember to send your scores in for each activity.



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