Friday, 23rd September 2022

Year 4 had yet another busy week. In Maths, the children finished their first unit of place value and moved on to number magnitude as a preparation towards rounding whole numbers. They used strips of blank paper to identify crucial benchmark numbers, before placing mystery numbers on their number lines, thinking about the relative size of numbers in context.

In English, the class completed their first extended writing when composing effective poems describing a mythical creature. Very well done, the poems read beautifully! In Art, we looked at rulemaking and using colourful lines to create pattern. In Computing, the children explained the difference between data and information, whilst in RE, they wrote paragraphs reflecting on God as a creator, with reference to the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament. In PE, we practiced dodging and passing to build towards invasion games.

We also practiced our multiplication tables daily, in a competitive setting and most of the children could recall some of the key facts in our current 10 sec/question time. Good job!

Thank you for those of you, who kindly supplemented the class with boxes of tissues for the colder season, any further contribution would be much appreciated.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Due by Tuesday, 27th September 2022
Spelling Please log on to your EdShed account and practice this week’s words.

Word with the prefix ‘in’-, meaning ‘not’

Words with the prefixes ‘il’-,  ‘im’-,  and ‘ir’-

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities or alternatively open the attached text and accompanying questions and complete them.

The Park- comprehension

The Park- questions

Please update your reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto your TTRockstars account (login details were handed out in class on Tuesday, however please note details are the same as last year) and spend 15 minutes practicing the assigned tables.

Study Ladder Please log onto your Study Ladder account and complete your assignments, all based on Place Value. Please note that although the unit is labelled as Year 3, the content covered is relevant to Year 4.


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