Friday, 18th November 2022

The children in Year 4 published their Roman myths in the neatest before moving on to their next English genre, non-chronological reports. In Maths, they moved onto formal written methods for subtraction and played Bankruptcy, a competitive strategic game to put their operations into practice.

In Science, they used the school’s official site map to plan and later test fire alarms, thinking about volume, distance and accessibility. In RE, after looking at and understanding the symbols of the Jesse Tree, the class read the 7 ‘O’ Antiphons and researched their origins and importance. In History, they used artefacts to infer details about everyday life in Roman Britain whilst in PE, they further developed their  understanding of ways of travelling and simple balances and created routines in small groups using apparatus.

This week, the children also had a special focus on anti-bullying, celebrating differences, learning about the power of a smile and about how to give and receive kindness. The class also looked at scenario cards and came up with strategies to deal with them safely and effectively. They completed a ‘kindness bingo’ activity and made ‘kindness fortune tellers’ to write kind comments to a classmate.

For our next D&T project, please may I ask that if you have any empty cereal boxes, you send them in please. We are making mechanisms, with levers and we need thinner types of cardboard pieces for our prototypes. Sadly, thicker cardboard does not work, so please do not send in packaging materials (boxes, etc) unless they are the thinner paper pouches (Amazon uses them often). Thank you very much, in advance.

I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due in Tuesday, 22nd November 2022
Spelling Please log onto EdShed and complete the activities to practice this week’s spelling words:

where a suffix is added to words ending in ‘y’

Multiplication Please log onto TTRockstars and spend 20 minutes practicing your facts.

Advent Service Please access the Advent Service songs and lyrics by clicking on the relevant blog on our page and start learning the songs by heart. We have already started practicing in class but it is essential that all children know the songs by the time we go to Church.

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