Reception Week Beginning 14.11.22

It’s been another busy week of learning in Reception!

This week, the class have taken part in Anti-Bullying Week along with the rest of the school.

The children began the week by listening to the story of The Ugly Duckling and watching Disney’s 1939 adaptation of the story. You can watch it here:

They also enjoyed singing along with this Ugly Duckling song.

They learnt that bullying behaviour has key aspects:

  • It’s hurtful
  • It’s intentional
  • It’s repetitive

They watched this film clip and identified the bullying that took place.

Reception learnt about what they should do if they themselves are being bullied, or if they think that someone else is. They also thought about how they could be a good friend to everyone. The children made friendship cards and pictures and gave them to their friends. Reception also made anti-bullying posters, created homes for the ugly duckling, made masks and retold the story using small world.

As part of Friendship Friday, Reception joined their Year 6 Learning Partners in the November sunshine, for a special karate lesson together. They had so much fun together!

The highlight of the week was an exciting visit from Arthur’s mum Natalia, from Year 6. She is a bus driver and she came to tell the class all about how she helps the local community. She even brought her bus with her and managed to squeeze it through the gates and park it right outside the Reception classroom. Such skill! The children had so much fun exploring the double decker, opening and closing the doors, ringing the bell and sitting in the driver’s seat! Thank you so much to Natalia and Sullivan Buses for this wonderful experience!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team




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  1. Eileen
    Eileen says:

    What a great week the children have had. I am so impressed that they all go to explore a double decker bus in their playground!


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