Friday, 15th October 2021

This week in Year 4, the children finished off a great piece of persuasive writing, arguing that Purple Beard and his trusted crew mates should not embark on a treacherous journey across the sea. We displayed their fantastic ‘Pirate Postcards’ just outside their classroom. In Maths, the class started a new timed multiplication activity, that we are going to carry on completing daily,whilst in their main lesson, we focused on rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand using benchmark numbers and number lines. In RE, we allocated reading parts for next week’s Harvest Class Mass, led by the children and Father Shaun. As next week is also One World Week, their Mass is centred around issues such as climate change and our responsibility to care for God’s Creation. The children completed their first observational art pieces in the form of still life, which are also being displayed in class. Well done, they are looking great!

Have a lovely and healthy weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 19th October 2021
Spelling Please practice this week’s spelling words that follow the previous 2 sets of words with prefixes.

irresponsible, irrelevant, intercity, interact, international, interrelated
Please see the attached sheet, if you would like to use that: Spelling sheet
Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities. Please also update your reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto ‘Hit the button’ and spend 15 minutes practicing your mixed multiplication facts.

Study Ladder Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod. The 4 activities are all consolidation of rounding whole numbers (including 4 digit) to the nearest 100.

(Although Study Ladder groups these tasks as Year 5 activities, they are actually covered in the Year 4 Essentials curriculum.)