Year 3 were fantastic today at their class assembly! They read their lines clearly, acted well and their singing was beautiful.

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting 1, 10 and 100 to and from a 3-digit number. We have been using equipment and drawing pictures to regroup when we cross a hundred.

We have continued our learning on play scripts. The children have been reading poems and rewriting them as play scripts. Next week the children will plan and write a play script from a story.

In Geography, the children looked at climate graphs and explained what information the graphs were giving them.

In PE, we focused on the bounce catch and thought of sports we would use it in. The children played a game using the skill that they had learnt.

In Science, we have been looking at skeletons and the functions of a skeleton. The children were excellent at explaining what we would be like without a skeleton.

In Religion, we have been learning about the trinity. We made triangles and wrote God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit on each side.

In Art, we used our observational drawing skills to draw a plant.

Today we said goodbye to Mr Reid. We will miss him lots and wish him well in his new job.

Home Learning

Spellings – tale, tail, prey, pray, weight, wait, which, witch, waste, waist, son, sun

Read Theory – Complete two read theory activities.

Mathletics activities.

Science – Make a picture of a skeleton. How creative can you be? I have given the children black paper. Can they make a skeleton using white paper cut up, pictures of bones or other types of materials?

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Carey

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