Summer 2 Week 4 w.b 24.6.24

What an exciting week Year one have had! The children have been learning to tell the time in Maths. They have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour using the minute and hour hands on the clock. They made their own clocks and have talked about their daily routines and times that they get up, have lunch, dinner etc… Please talk to your child about the days and times they have certain activities and talk about the times they take place!

In Italian, the children have been learning to name foods and how to order from an Italian  restaurant! Year one played an interactive game and had fun matching food types.

In Science, the children have continued with our topic on Plants. They decorated their own pots and are growing their own broad bean! We will be writing a class diary and children will note the changes they see happening and the stages of growth that their bean will go through.

On Thursday, we went to the Seaside. The children had a lovely day and I was very proud of how they behaved. We played in the sea, collected water samples to test, played in the sand, fished with nets, collected shells, had lunch on the beach and ended the day with an ice cream! At the end of the trip, there were lots of sleepy children on the coach! Thank you to our parent helpers for your support.

Home Learning – Due Friday

Mathletics – complete the activities set.

Spellings – practice the spellings with your child for a spelling test next Friday.

Handwriting sheet.

Reading – 5/10 minutes daily.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Mrs Poyiadzis & Mrs Barnes