Thursday, 2nd July 2020

Dear Year 4,

Thank you for continuing to share your learning with us this week! Make sure you join us in our Virtual Sports week and that you email us your scores every day so we can accumulate them by Friday!   What fancy dress are you wearing….Make sure that you can still compete your best even if you are in your outfit!

We enjoyed doing the activities in class and can’t wait to see our class mates’ scores too.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga

Here is today’s learning:

PE Click here for your Active July worksheet.How many gold levels are you up to?

If you enjoy the Joe Wicks workout, please continue to have fun with his daily activities.

Morning Prayer

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect…




A Worldwide Family

O God,

We are all strangers in this world

and we are all travelling to your country.

So may we not treat anyone as a foreigner

or an outsider,

but simply as a fellow human being

made in your image.










Read Theory


Reading Log

Did you enjoy the book link from yesterday? Have a look at this book today, that links with our Virtual Sports week! Which articles did you like?


The link yesterday did not work.  Incase this occurs again please log onto the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.


Log onto Read theory and complete at least 5 exercises


What are you reading?  Have you been updating your reading log?

Post us a picture of your reading logs!!  We would love to hear about the current book you are reading.


Click here if you want to read this week’s edition of First News

Spelling—fo–to-hWord list: forward, fruit, grammar, group, guard, guide, heard, heart, height, history

Click on the link to practice and test yourself in preparation for your dictation tomorrow.




Video: Click here Tell the time to five minutes

Click here for the worksheet and here for the answers.

Main Activity:

Video: Click here for Line Graphs

Click here for the worksheet and here for the answers.

English Click here for today’s learning. You are going to look at poetry tools today.


Wider curriculum This week is our Virtual Sports Week, so afternoon learning will be focused on the theme of the Olympics. Click here for the power point that will take you through the daily events and cross-curricular activities.

Please remember to send us your scores!

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