19th October

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Well, what a busy week!

On Monday, the children worked alongside the Reception Class and designed their own religious artefacts.  They worked fabulously together and were very proud of the designs they created.

As our focus has been St Paul VI, the children have been doing a lot of work based on his life.  The children wrote up their lovely Pope Paul VI prayers and they will be added to a special class prayer book.

In Maths the children carried out a number investigation using their number skills with competence.  They had such fun doing it.

Today we have been celebrating the canonization of Pope Paul VI and the day began with a special assembly in which all the children, teachers and parents were presented with St Paul VI prayer cards.  Afterwards, we joined the rest of the school in the large playground, where we had some juice and chocolate!

This afternoon, we witnessed the release of a dozen doves and flew our flags with pride.  The children created their own ‘peace’ flags.

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Next week is One World Week and we will be looking at the USA.  The children have their home learning in their books.

There will be Homework Club for anyone who needs it.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga

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