Year 6 – Tuesday 5th May learning

Good morning, Year 6.

I hope you all enjoyed watching the May Procession yesterday morning. I thought it was a beautiful tribute to Our Lady and I was very moved when seeing all of your faces. If you didn’t catch it, then you can find it here.

I was absolutely delighted yesterday to receive this video of Evie and her mum doin’ the Lambeth Walk!

I also received some fantastic learning from Alex, including yesterday’s science investigation. He’s really thought about the appropriate scientific vocabulary to use – well done Alex.

On yesterday’s blog, I forgot to put up the results of last week’s online learning leaderboards, so here we have them:

Readtheory: 1st Giovanna, 2nd Mikey, 3rd Evie

Prodigy: 1st Alex, 2nd Matthew A, 3rd Jude

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd Louise, 3rd Luka

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
Miss Pringle’s Home Olympic Challenge Here is Miss Pringle’s challenge for today.
Handwriting Copy these sentences containing this week’s spellings 1-5 into your handwriting book:

1.                The anniversary of Europe’s liberation from Nazi Germany at the end of World War Two is known as VE Day.

2.                The Germans surrendered because Hitler, their leader, had died and they realised that they would not be able to win the war.

3.                Upon the defeat of Germany, celebrations erupted throughout Great Britain.

4.                Churchill told the crowds in London, “This is your victory!”

5.                Although everyone was pleased that the war had ended, for many the celebrations would have been a sad reminder of the loss of many loved ones.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.

Eric by Shaun Tan

Powerpoint – Pronouns and Determiners

Times Tables
Maths WALT use our knowledge of ratio and proportion to solve problems.


Fluency starter:

1.      _______ = 56.24 + 1.047

2.      14,792 – 8,493 =

3.      142 x 56 =

4.      _______ = 7,149 ÷ 5

5.      19.3 ÷ 10 =

6.      List 3 factors of 50.


This is today’s video:

Here are the accompanying questions and answers.

RE WALT know some of the titles dedicated to Mary and said in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 Please find today’s RE lesson here.

Music This week’s listening task has a VE Day theme, as the song that I have chosen is one that has become synonymous with WW2. It is called We’ll Meet Again and was sung by Vera Lynn. Vera Lynn (born 1917) was one of the superstars of entertainment during the War years and became known as ‘The Forces’ Sweetheart’. The song found its fame during the Second World War, as it resonated with soldiers who had to leave their families and fight for Britain.

On Friday at 9pm on BBC One there is going to be a nationwide sing-along led by Dame Vera Lynn herself, so after answering the questions about it, it would be wonderful if you could learn to sing part of it.

Music Listening Task

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