Year 6 – 12/11/21

It has been extremely busy and varied in Year 6 this week!

We began Monday with a workshop on waste awareness and recycling, which continued our mission to become better stewards of creation. We were reminded of the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, learnt about what happens at recycling plants and had a go at correctly separate our waste so that it is disposed of or recycled accordingly.

On Tuesday, we had our class Mass in the classroom, in which we focused on Love for One Another. Thank you to Fr Shaun for celebrating a beautiful liturgy with us, and well done to the children for your wonderful reading, singing, and answers during the homily.

On Wednesday, we had our first karate session, in which we learnt the main stances: ready stance, horse-riding stance, sumo stance, forward stance and cat stance. Our resident karate experts Sandro and Lily were keeping an eye on the rest of us and making sure we were doing them correctly. We’re already looking forward to next week’s lesson!

Today, we started our new science topic on Light, and worked in groups to prove that light travels in straight lines.

Here is this week’s home learning:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Mental Methods Multiplication

·         Long Multiplication

Reading Completion of 5 passages on ReadTheory
Spelling To be tested: 19/12/21













I have given you Spelling Frame logins today – please explore and make use of this resource when practising your weekly spellings. This week’s list is Spelling Rule 38 on the site.

Have a restful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday 😊

Miss D

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