Year 6 – 10/06/22

This week, we have been learning about the feast of Pentecost – which took place last Sunday – by exploring the symbols of water, wind and fire – powerful forces of nature which hold symbolism in the story of Pentecost.

On Tuesday, we explored water by performing poetry about the rain, creating paintings, and engineering a water pipeline.

On Wednesday, we explored wind by writing about a farmer whose farm was destroyed by high winds, and creating pencil drawings.

On Thursday, we explored fire by personifying the ferocity of fire through writing, using pastel to create artwork, and investigating the three elements needed for fire to survive and how this links to wildfires.

This culminated in Friday’s learning all about Pentecost itself, when we considered how these symbols link to this amazing event which marks the birthday of the Church. We welcomed a Spiritan priest – Fr Fidelis – into our school to hear about his mission of evangelisation and his affinity to the Holy Spirit. The children asked fantastic questions and were very intrigued by what he had to say. We ended the week with Mass in the hall (in which James and Mishka read beautifully, and William P spoke fantastically about his favourite part of our learning from this week) followed by a celebratory ice lolly and run-around on the field.

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week and the children engaged in their learning so enthusiastically – well done.

This afternoon, you got your scripts for our end-of-year production: Go For Gold.

Have a read of the script over the weekend, and choose your top 3 roles. We will have auditions on Monday, using the dialogue on p.19. Regardless of which role you want, please practise the lines of either Nick Nicely, Mike Raffone or Gabby Galore on p.19.

If you are going for the role of Zeus, please also learn the rap on p.29 (scroll down for the track).

Here are the songs to start learning!

Song 1 – Go For Gold (p.18):

Song 2 – The Truce (p.24)

Song 3 – Zeus (p.27):

Song 4 – Zeus Rap (p.29):

Song 5 – Milo (p.33):

Song 6 – Champion (p.35):

Song 7 – Champion (Reprise) (p.43):

Song 8 – Celebrate (p.45):

Song 9 – Go For Gold (Reprise) (p.47):

Hopefully see lots of you at the carnival on Sunday. Otherwise, I’ll see you on Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

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