Year 5- 2/2/2018

This week, our focus in football was teamwork and strategy.

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This week, we were also visited by the NSPCC. They spoke to the class about different types of abuse and discussed who to speak to if they are ever worried about anything. The children were incredibly mature and listened beautifully.

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On Thursday, we visited Pizza Express and the children each made their own Pizza. They enjoyed a tour of the kitchen and freezer and were excited to take their Pizzas back to school for lunch. It took a lot of self control for them to not open them up on the coach journey back! They smelt amazing! Once back at school, we discussed if Pizzas were healthy. A lot of good points were made for both sides.

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In English, the situation has become very desperate for the main character in our book. The children have now planned the next chapter of the story, filled with more tension and ending in suspense. They will bring these plans to life next week and I look forward to reading them.

In maths, we have continued to solve problems, this time focussing on the strategy of working backwards.

In science, we have begun learning about the life cycles of mammals. The children have created life cycle wheels about a certain type of mammal and next week they will share their knowledge with each other.

In R.E we have continued to learn about Passover, focusing on what beliefs the story teaches us. It was wonderful to hear the children felt it taught them about having trust in God. I also enjoyed reading about when they have used this belief in their everyday lives.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Lines



Home Learning:

Maths- Mathletics

English- Inspired by our trip to Pizza Express and our discussions about it at school, I have asked the children to write a recipe for a Pizza. I have given the children the list of SPAG elements I would like them to include. Our spellings remain the same this week and the children will be tested on Tuesday.