Welcome Back to Year 1

Dear Children,

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to Year 1

There are a few things we all need to do, to keep you all safe:

Entering the Classroom

When you come into the Reception/KS1 playground, you will need to find a marker for you and your parent to stand on. Mrs Shea or I will then call you one at a time to come and join us in the classroom.

You won’t need to bring your bag in for now, as sadly, we won’t be able to change your reading books. You will need to bring in your named water bottle and a piece of fruit for snack time; you can put these straight into your box with your name on. If you are bringing in your own packed lunch, you can put it on your table.

Inside the classroom

At first, it may look a little bit different to what you are used to, but hopefully not too much! Some of your toys and resources we use have been put away for now. This is so that we can keep your classroom lovely and clean throughout the day. You will also have some new rules that Mrs Shea and I will share with you once we are altogether; these will help to keep us all safe and look after each other.



When we are on the carpet together, you will be given a spot to sit on…how exciting!


Please bring in a water bottle and a piece of fruit (peeled/ cut already) for snacktime together.


At lunchtime, you will be eating your lunch with your friends, Mrs Shea and I, in your classroom; if the weather’s nice, we will go outside for a picnic lunch.

Washing hands

Just like before, we will be washing our hands frequently throughout the day. Can you remember the song that we sing when we are washing our hands?

Going home

When it’s time to go home, your parent will be waiting next to a marker for you. We will then call you one at a time and you will leave the school premises by walking through the big, blue gate next to our classroom.

Mrs Shea and I are very excited to see you and can’t wait to hear your stories.

See you next week!

Mrs Carey


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