This week we have been learning all about the vital role that earthworms play in keeping our soil aerated and rich in nutrients. Over the next couple of weeks, we aim to observe worm’s movements through the wormery that we constructed on Tuesday.

You can make one at home by following our instructions:

  1. Fill a clear container with layers of soil and sand. The sand layers should ideally be thinner!001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008

009 010 011

2.  Next, add some fresh vegetable peelings, leaves and water.


3. Dig for worms.

040 041 042 043 044

4. Add your freshly dug worms on to the top of the wormery and watch them disappear into the soil.

046 047 048 049

6. Finally, place some black card or paper around your container- worms like the dark. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to clearly see the tracks of the worms.

Fun fact Did you know that a worm has five hearts?

What other facts can you find out about worms this weekend? 

Five house points and a Learning Power sticker to anyone from Reception who can tell us three new facts!

Have a great weekend!

The Early Years Team



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