Week 5 Autumn 2

A wonderful week in Year 3! The highlight of the week was travelling by train to Westminster Cathedral to take part in the Nativity Service. The children sang beautifully and looked wonderful in their costumes. The behaviour of the children travelling to and from the Cathedral was excellent. The Cathedral was full of excitement when a real donkey and sheep arrived!

This week was the beginning of Advent. Each day we learn about someone who was part of Jesus’ family by listening to stories on the Jesse Tree. The children have listen to Matthew and Luke’s recounts of the Nativity story and have identified the similarities and differences.

In Science, we investigated whether different objects were magnetic through sand and soil. We found that metal objects were magnetic through sand but not through soil because it is too thick.

On Thursday Bishop John Sherrington visited our school. We had a lovely assembly and then he visited our classrooms to answer some of our questions.

Ten children from our class competed against other schools in different sporting activities. The children displayed fantastic team work skills. Pope Paul came second overall. Well done to the children who took part.

This week the children planned and wrote their own limericks. They worked hard to follow the correct pattern of writing limericks. I was impressed by how well they did. Below are some examples of their wonderful learning.

There once was girl called Claire.

Who especially loved to go to the funfair.

Then she lost her underpants,

And then came lots of ants.

After she pulled out most of her hair.

By Emily


There once was a boy called Jack.

Who wanted to eat a big mac.

By the horror of his sight,

Someone bit the last bite.

Then he hit himself in the back.

By Jack F


There once was a girl called Claire.

Who made good friends with a bear.

But she didn’t like to dance,

But she loved to prance.

And got a sock that only came in pairs.

By Emilia

Everyone’s hair looked great today!

Remember the Advent Service on Wednesday 7th December at 7pm at OLASV Church. Children should be there by 6.45pm. All children should attend but please let me know if your child cannot attend.

Home Learning

Advent Songs Please learn the songs on the blog for the Advent Service on Wednesday
Studyladder Please log on to study ladder and complete the activities. Passwords are in reading records
Timestables Please practice. Can you improve your speed?
Spellings Complete the activities on spelling shed

centre, decide, disappear, early, heart, learn, minute, notice, regular, therefore


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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