Week 5

In Maths the children have been making two digit numbers with Dienes. They have been drawing pictures to show how many tens and how many ones.

In English we have continued learning about the features of instructions and the children wrote instructions to explain how they brush their teeth. We have also been learning about adding the suffixes to word.

In Science, we had an important job to help Cinderella find the best paper to clean with. We tested paper, hand towels and kitchen roll. We found kitchen roll was the best.

In Religion, we have been learning about the Sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation.

In ICT we have been learning about algorithms. We drew an algorithm and then followed the steps to draw a picture on the ipad.

Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carey


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  1. Barbara Glanemann
    Barbara Glanemann says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures – it is great to be able to see everyone ‘in action’! Christoph really got into writing instructions this week…writing now instructions on how to ‘earn £5 for the valentine party’. 🙂

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    My goodness what an amazing blog I have only just remembered about this and I have read through the last few weeks and I can’t stop smiling all the children look as though they are thoroughly enjoying year one thanks to you Ms Carey for making it such an easy transition for them I know Fern tells me bits of her day but no where near as much as to what they have been up to – it’s looks brilliant and the way you have captured their attention and how they are learning so much and having fun it’s so nice that Fern is enjoying school I’m so happy with how she is meeting all her mile stones and continues to surprise everyday week with what she has learnt I can only say Thank you Ms Carey – I will try and make more time to read this blog as it’s really interesting and lovely to see what she is getting up to!


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