Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. In the table below you will find today’s learning activities. You can keep in contact with me by posting comments to the Year 2 Blog or by sending me an email at Thank you to everyone who emailed me yesterday and shared their wonderful WANTED number posters. Keep them coming!

Have a great day! Look after one another and be safe!

Miss Davey

Subject Activity
Prayer Lenten Prayer for Wednesday 1st April

Father, help me to listen to your word and respond to the truth that you show me.

May I have the courage and strength to bring about change in whatever small ways I can.


Handwriting Copy and complete these sentences using this week’s spelling words into your handwriting books.

  1. He _______ the song they sang in assembly.
  2. She was ____________ the tune she heard on the radio.
  3. I want to be a _______________ in a band.
  4. The cat was _____________ on the wall.
  5. The car ____________ at the red light.





















Morning Challenge

Insert <, > or = to make these number sentences correct.

Remember to prove your answers using pictures, dienes or counters.WALT: Use ‘Think 10’ strategy to solve calculations.



27 + 6 = ____






  1. 35 + 7 = ____
  2. 43 + 9 = ____
  3. 56 + 6 = ____
  4. 68 + 8 = ____
  5. 77 + 4 = ____
  6. 89 + 9 = ____

Extension Challenge:

What do you need to add or subtract from each of these numbers to total 60?

40, 44, 66, 69, 76, 86, 99, 89, 79.

























Wednesday 1st April 2020
WALT: Write similes and descriptive phrases 

Read the poem, The Eagle by Alfred Tennyson.What do you think Tennyson is talking about when he says ‘crooked hands’?

Sometimes poems are a bit like puzzles. We have to work out what they mean.

Tennyson uses similes in his poem. Similes are a type of figurative language. They are used to describe things, by comparing them to something else. Similes may use ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare two things. Similes make our descriptions more interesting for reader. Example: His eyes were as black as coal.

Complete similes about the eagle and write as many words and phrases to describe the eagle as you can think of.






















Wednesday 1st April 2020

WALT: Know about the events of Holy Thursday according to Matthew’s Gospel.


Holy Thursday: The Last Supper Mt 26:17-35

Read Matthew’s account of The Last Supper . See link below.

Create your own Last Supper scene. See examples:

Write a retell of The Last Supper from Matthew’s Gospel in your own words.

Remember to Identify:

· Setting – where does the story take place?

· Characters – who are the people in the story?

· Events – what happens in the story – First, Next, Then, After that, Finally


WANTED number poster!!!!

Working hard!

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