Thursday, 14th May, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

We start today wishing another member of our class Darcie-Louise a Happy 9th Birthday!  We wish her a great day ahead!  What a fabulous Haribo gravity defying cake Darcie-Louise!

Let’s see some of the news we received from you yesterday….

Our first email of the day arrived from Cian.  He created a beautiful, reflective altar and explained why these special items were placed on it.  The colourful cross was from his First Holy Communion and his Nan gave him the rosary beads which mean a lot to him as they came from the Holy Land. The Bible is his mum’s – a present she brought back from Australia. The two special candles were received at his brother Joshua’s and his own Communion celebrations.  To complete the look, Cian has been allowed to use his mum’s best tablecloth!  Next week is Spirituality Week and to prepare for this special week, it would be lovely to see if you could prepare your own altars in a special place in your homes.

Ellie has been busy too…not only completing her learning but she has made a birds house that has an apple, apricot and small pieces of a cookie at the bottom of it.  We hope that many birds visit it.

Freddie has also been busy getting stuck into his English – Keep up the great work!

I have also been spending time outside in my garden in the early part of the evenings and at the weekends taking photos of birds nearby and the moon (early evenings and at night time).

We hope that you got to set up your experiment for our science investigation.  Each day, do observe what is happening to your eggs in vinegar/water/orange/coca-cola.  Well done to William who has set up his experiment at home!

Click here to see what has been noticed so far.  This ppt will be updated regularly.

Click here for the answers to yesterday’s learning.

Click here for today’s learning.   Click here for your English task


Maths Learning for today: 

Activity 1 and Video 1 Click here for the worksheet     click here for the answers

Activity 2 and Video 2   Click here for the worksheet       click here for the answers

Keep posting!


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