Summer Term Week 1- Year 5

Welcome to the summer term!

Our focus this week has been on the Gospel story of the Road to Emmaus. We have been thinking about how the people would have been feeling and about what the story teaches us. To do this, we have engaged with the text through an act of worship and completing role play tasks.  We will use this knowledge to write a newspaper report on this event next week.

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In R.E, we have been recalling events of Holy Week and reading what each Gospel tells us about the resurrection. The children did really well at comparing and contrasting them. I was particularly impressed that they recalled their learning on the Gospel of Mark to explain the way in which it was written.

In science, we have completed our unit on life cycles by looking at plants. The children dissected lilies to identify the reproductive parts of flowers.

IMG_1097 IMG_1096 IMG_1095 IMG_1094 IMG_1098

Our maths topic this week was based on measurement and converting between units. The children applied their knowledge of dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 to solve a range of problems.

Coach Dugan joined us for our first session this week. He will continue to teach the children every Wednesday until the end of year 5.

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With the sun shining, it has been a fantastic first week back. Well done and thank you to the children who put so much hard work into their holiday home learning. It made our garden look amazing.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Lines


Home learning:

Maths– Mathletics

English– Next skills test.

No comprehension this week.









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  1. Sophia Deed
    Sophia Deed says:

    I really enjoyed learning about the different parts of a flower. It was very exciting when we cut open a lily.

  2. Ann-Marie
    Ann-Marie says:

    Excellent start to the week. wow they have been busy. The outside learning has been a big hit. This wonderful weather is working well for us all.


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