Spring Term Week 5 wb 31.01.22

Year 1 led the school in the Candlemas assembly this morning. They were very respectful throughout and spent lots of time this week preparing for it- well done Year 1!

Our R.E. learning this week has reflected on this important act of bringing Jesus to the temple and spreading the good news. Year 1 thought really hard about how they could shine like Jesus in their everyday lives. You’ll be glad to hear that lots of them wrote about helping their parents in different ways at home!

Year 1 have moved onto learning subtraction methods this week. They started with drawing the whole, then crossing out the part they took away before counting the remainder to find the answer. They extended their learning by drawing an abstract number bond and a number sentence to show their workings out.

It was lovely to be greeted on Monday with all the origami instruction lotus flowers. They look beautiful on our prayer table.

Enjoy your weekend,
Miss Lambie

Home learning
• Maths- Mathletics has been set to support subtraction learning.
• I found some useful home learning books on maths this week and have sent them home today. ‘Maths Number work record and activity booklet.’ This is for you to use at home as you wish and does not need to be returned to school.

Additional support on subtraction: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwv39j6/articles/ztpmrwx

• English-
Please use www.spellingframe.co.uk to support the sounds taught this week:
-Spelling rule 19 ow (Blow the snow) make a vowel ‘o’ sound rather than ‘ow’ brown cow in phase 3
-Spelling rule 20 ue (come to the rescue)
-Tricky/ High Frequency words – people, oh, out, day.

• Handwriting- ‘c’
This week Year 1 have learnt to ‘lead in and curl around the caterpillar and lead out’ for our pre-cursive handwriting.• Please encourage your child to write their ‘c’ in the pre-cursive way from now on and they will add to it as they learn more throughout the term. I have sent a pre-cursive alphabet home to use as support.
• The children have their user to www.letterjoin.co.uk to support in their handwriting and user details were handed out at the beginning of the term.