Spring 2 Week 4

This week was Science week so we started the week thinking about what scientists do and naming famous scientist. Each class are part of a competition to grow the tallest sunflower. Year 3’s question was Does the size of the pot effect how the sunflower grows? The children planned their own investigation to answer the question. They thought of how they could make it a fair test and how they would record their results. The children have been taking part in different discussions including the odd one out and zoom in zoom out activities to develop their observation skills.

In Maths the children have been solving problems using the skills they have learnt using column addition and subtraction.

In Religion we looked an another picture to build a better world and discussed what we could see.

Our D&T topic is making healthy sandwiches so the children tested different types of bread and described their taste, texture, appearance and smell. Next week the children will be planning their own healthy sandwiches.

On Thursday, we celebrated St Patrick’s Day by making green cakes and watching Irish dancing. Emily, Sienna, Phoebe and Sofia’s dancing was amazing!

In PE, the children were fantastic completing different balances with partners.

It was lovely to speak to parents for parent’s consultation this week and last week. If you did not make an appointment, I will contact you.

Home Learning


English Please learn the poem sent home with the children. I have also attached it here.
Spellings Spelling frame

meat, meet, hear, here, there, their, wear, where, hour, our, knot, not


Maths Timetable Rock Star and sheet sent home (show their workings out on the back of the paper)

Please also practise the songs for the Way of the Cross Service, by clicking here.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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