Friday 18th March 2022

Science Week

On Monday, a school challenge was set: which class can grow the tallest sunflower? In Year 5, we have been asked to investigate if the type of soil we use can effect this.  We have planted seeds in clay, compost and sandy soil. The children made some great predictions about what might happen and gave reasons behind their thinking. We will be measuring weekly until the end of the summer term so watch out for updates. On Tuesday, half of the class became researchers and found out about a scientist of their choice. They then presented this information this afternoon to share their learning. On Thursday we had a visit from the Head of Science from Dame Alice Owen, Mr Friedlander, who spoke to the children about different types of crystals and the children went on to doing a science crystal growing activity which has tied in beautifully with our Year of Growth.  There was a real buzz in the classroom whilst the children crushed, dissolved the salt and set up a growth chamber for their solution which they added their crystal seeds to.  By Monday, we should be able to see the crystals that have been formed.


In Maths the children have continued to revise their work on multiplication and have started their new topic on Fractions looking at equivalence.


This week we have completed our final stories. I have been thoroughly impressed by their tension filled writing and their cliff hangers. Well done, Year 5 for your hard work on these. You have shown a real understanding of how you can influence your reader with your words.

Busy Year 5!

In addition to their fabulous learning, Year 5 have been involved in a range of other activities this week. Some of the class visited Dame Alice Owen School to take part in a basketball taster session, a selection of boys represented the school in football at Little Heath and the Irish dancers of the class entertained us on St Patrick’s day. They danced so confidently and at lunchtime they joined the many eager children in the hall to teach them some of the steps of a light jig!  We also attended mass for St Louise’s feast day where Caroline read well and the class sang beautifully. This morning, the children were given their reading parts for the Key Stage 2 Stations of the Cross.  Year 5 are leading us in the readings whilst Year 6 are leading us with the drama depicted at each station.  The children will be given their parts to take home on Monday to learn for this prayerful event which is taking place on Tuesday  29th March at 7pm.

Home Learning:

Learn the lyrics for our Way of the Cross service taking place on Tuesday 29th March at 7pm.  (see separate post for the song lyrics)

Spellings- paragraph, paragraphs, calligraphy, calligrapher, geography, geographer, geographical, photographer, photograph, photographic, bibliography, cartography

Comic Relief- Design a poster about Comic Relief. You could include information about:

  • when it started
  • who it helps
  • what is its mission?
  • Who founded it.
  • Ways people have raised money for the charity.


Please log on and complete the set activities.  If there are any difficulties, do not worry.  Just come along to the homework session on Monday lunchtime.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  We hope that you are able to join us with the special walk on Sunday.  Please see the school newsletter for details.


Please come along on Monday 21st March at 3pm to look at your child’s workbooks in the Main Hall.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines