Spring 1 Week 6

Our story this week has been The Elves and The Shoemaker. The children have been describing what they think the elves would look like, designed clothes for the elves and designed magic shoes for themselves to wear. Some children pretended to be the old man, the old woman or an elf and the others asked them questions.  In our creative area, the children have been decorating shoes and making elves. Our outdoor shed has been turned into a shoes making workshop where the children have been making shoes and trying shoes on.

In Maths, we have been learning about pairs. The children have been matching pairs of socks and shoes, finding pairs in the class with their friends and talking about how sometimes there is someone left out.

The second group of children visited Seabrook Retirement Home. The children sang and spoke to the residents. Then they were treated to a drink and a biscuit. They were all amazing.

On Shrove Tuesday, we decorated pancakes and ate them. Outside the children made their own pancakes with flour and lemons.

On Wednesday, the children were fantastic at responding to the prayers and singing during our Lent Service. They made Lenton promises which we added to the hall display in Friday’s assembly.

This week we learnt the sounds ur and the short oo. Please practise the sounds we have previously learnt.

Have a wonderful half term!

Mrs Carey and the Early Years Team