Spring 1, Week 5.

Our week started with the celebration of Candlemass – it was wonderful that so many friends and family were able to join us for this special Mass.

We have been joined by 6 new class members this week; Goldie, Finley, Sir Finn, Speedy, Chips and Frank our fresh water (platy) fish. The children have proved to be very responsible pet owners; researching how to care for the fish and taking turns to feed them. Thank you Oskar for the donation of the deep sea diving duck!

In geography we have learnt about tectonic plates and their movements – we even created models of the earth to show how plate boundaries connect.

During science we have investigated how and why shadows change shape and size of shadows. We discovered that the lower the light source the longer the shadow!

In PE we have been working on our team work and problem solving skills. Mr Dugan and I hid the names of 12 train stations that the children had to find in a particular order and solve maths questions about passengers at the stations – they worked very well together and showed great resilience.

Home learning:

Spelling: address, busy, business, heart, fruit, breathe, strange, complete, extreme, forwards.

Mathletics and Spag.com activities set.

Please bring in wellies or old shoes for gardening on Monday and Tuesday – we have lots of weeding to do and many bulbs and seeds to plant next week.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle



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