Reception Week Beginning 8.5.23

Following the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, the children were keen to talk about the different ways they had celebrated, and share what they had learnt or observed during the televised ceremony.  Reception continued their learning about the coronation throughout the week, making collages, carriages, castles and congratulation cards. In English, they enjoyed discussing and writing about what they would do if they were a king or queen for the day!

In their maths learning this week, Reception have been developing their spatial reasoning skills by exploring and representing patterns, making simple shape arrangements and creating exact replicas of 2D and 3D pictures and models made by their partner. They also had fun making and playing with tangrams!

International Pentecost Celebration

We hope you will be able to join us after school on Wednesday 24th May 3pm-5pm, for a very special international Pentecost celebration. Please see the newsletter for more information.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team



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