Reception Class Week Beginning 23.5.22

Reception started their week with the big question: Who is Queen Elizabeth II?

Everyone in class had heard of The Queen, but most children didn’t know much about her, or why she will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee next week.

The children spent the week learning about Her Majesty’s life; they particularly enjoyed listening to stories about what she was like when she was their age.

Over the week, Reception made: bunting, flags, crowns, hats, and made replicas of Buckingham Palace. They wrote about The Queen and made London landmarks from junk modelling material.

Today, the children had lots of fun dressed as kings and queens. Thank you parents for providing your child with such fantastic costumes; they looked amazing!

This afternoon, Reception joined the rest of the school outside for a Jubilee celebration. They sang the whole school song, ‘Here’s to the Queen’, danced and had some special celebration cake and juice.

Enjoy your well deserved half term break children!

The Reception Team

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