Year 6 – 27/05/22

Jubilee celebrations have been in full swing this week! We have explored the question How do we see the importance of Queen Elizabeth all around us in our lives today? and have focused on the importance of the Commonwealth, the Queen’s charity patronages, the Queen’s honours list, and the Queen’s speech. To help decorate the classroom, we put our sewing skills to use by making Jubilee bunting. This afternoon, we enjoyed a game of Pin the jewel on the crown and ended the day in the sunshine with cake, music and flag waving! Well done on your wonderful kings and queens costumes!

In amongst the Jubilee mania, Y6 yesterday participated in the Oakmere Mini Marathon; Miss Pringle was very impressed with your stamina and enthusiasm!

Yesterday afternoon saw the Liturgy and Laudato Si groups leading the rest of the school in reflective and interactive prayer activities for our Spirituality Afternoon. Well done!

So here ends another half term, and what a busy one it’s been! SATs, PGL and Jubilee celebrations have certainly made the time fly! Enjoy your week’s break and I will see you all in June.

Miss D 😎