Reception Class Week Beginning 20.6.22

After the recent Sports Day and Healthy Eating Week, this was a remarkably quiet week in Reception!

The class have continued to concentrate on their new topic ‘The Hidden World in our Garden’, with a particular focus on ladybirds and the story ‘The Bad- Tempered Ladybird’.

Reception have had fun acting out the story together, and as there are so many characters in the story, everyone had a role!

The children also thought about what the term bad-tempered means; they thought of other words that have a similar meaning, including: mad, cross, angry, grumpy, livid, furious and fed up!

Reception discussed what makes them all feel bad-tempered and then wrote about it in their English lesson. They also thought about the things they can do to change their mood, so that they are feeling happy rather than cross. Some of the ideas were: to go for a walk, play with friends, go to soft play, have a game of football and watch their favourite film.

One of the themes in The Bad-Tempered Ladybird is telling the time, using an analogue clock. Inspired by this, many of the children made their own clocks and watches, complete with moving hands!

Reception also made their own ladybirds, wrote about their favourite part of the story and wrote a conversation between the the friendly ladybird and the bad-tempered ladybird, using speech bubbles.

We have had a big response to the request for parent helpers for the London Zoo trip- thank you so much! We will pull the three names from a hat on Monday and let you know if you have been selected on Monday after school.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

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