Summer Term 2 Week 4 w.b. 20.06.2022

Year 1 have had a busy week and really enjoyed their life saving swimming session on Wednesday.

Year 1 learnt what it takes to lead a virtuous life this week in their new Religion topic. They role-played acting out good deeds and you will be please to know that lots of them said they would help out at home!

I have sent home a Phase 5 alternative pronunciation sound mat that contains the last of the Year 1 sounds. When children are secure on these sounds they will be able to fully access orange and turquoise books in preparation for Year 2 spelling patterns.

Year 1 made great estimations in their maths this week and worked well to find things that were the same length and then matched to the ruler and cuisenaire rods. Year 1 then moved on to measuring the mass of objects to compare which was lighter, heavier and which objects would balance and be equal to the scales.  Mathletics has been set to support this learning.

P.E. kits for Monday (P.E. Tennis) and Wednesday (swimming) next week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend,

Miss Lambie