Autumn 1 Week 4

September has flown by and as usual the children have been very busy this week.

In Maths, the children have been learning to balance equations, using pictorial, abstract and concrete approaches.

The children have enjoyed creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired information/art pages in their sketch books. First they painted two pages in their books, with a natural coloured ink. They then used crayon, charcoal and pastel for mark making, before cutting out pictures of natural objects and placing them on the pages along with key vocabulary.

In Science, they have learnt what animals need to survive. They enjoyed sharing their experiences of caring for pets and family members before identifying what they all had in common.

Please find attached the RHE ten:ten letter for your information Life to the Full Plus letters to parents Years 1 and 2

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Spelling and handwriting  – please complete the handwriting sheet and help your child learn the words in their plastic wallet. This does not need to be returned.

Maths – please complete the Mathletics activities set.

Reading  – please read with your child and return their book and wallet on Friday.




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