Friday, 16th December 2022

The children in Year 4 had a busy, festive week.

They enjoyed the snow at break times, building snowmen and snowball pyramids.

They performed during various Christmas music concerts, singing, playing the piano or the guitar. Members of the choir also performed during the upper ks2 music concert on Wednesday. Well done everyone; it has been a pleasure watching you play/sing so well!

The class also enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch! Happy faces particularly after consuming their puddings!

The children had opportunity on Thursday to watch the KS1 Nativity in the morning, whilst after an early lunch they walked down to the Wyllyotts Theatre to watch the Panto. The children really enjoyed the performance!

Today the class visited our school grotto and met Father Christmas. In addition, they enjoyed activities in the hall, dancing, party food and party games in class. A fitting end to this great week!

I wish you all a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga