12th October, 2018



“I am King Edward VI and sentence you to the Tower for your disloyalty towards me! Off with your head!”




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This week we continued our work on William Sharington using drama to help us think about the characters for our narrative writing pieces.  The children took on each role with consideration and acted well.  They took turns to watch each groups’ scenes and have been given advice on what to improve upon.  I look forward to seeing their improved scenes next week!

In Maths we have been revising the concept of regrouping which we looked at last week and learning about ‘re-balancing’.

In RE we have been focusing on Pope Paul VI and his canonisation which takes place in Rome this weekend.

Home Learning is a whole school focus on Pope Paul VI.

We look forward to reading your lovely prayers to St Paul VI.

Have a lovely weekend.  I’ll light a candle for your intentions in Rome.

Mrs McNamara