Year 6 – Tuesday 24th March learning

Good morning, Year 6.

Here’s the plan for today. Remember you can email me with any questions at

Subject Activity
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Prayer Visit and reflect on today’s Bible verse and message.
Handwriting Copy these sentences containing this week’s spellings 1-5 into your handwriting book:

1.       Can you accommodate any more guests in your hotel?

2.       Mrs James will accompany you to the head teacher’s office.

3.       We needed access to the internet for our research project.

4.       They often accuse me when something goes wrong.

5.       The reporters always accost the celebrity as he leaves his house.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths Daily Maths Challenge (updated daily)

WALT connect algebraic equations to known models.


Arithmetic starter:

1.       _______ = 36.87 + 8.954

2.       13,267 – 8,954 =

3.       193 x 42 =

4.       _______ = 6,302 ÷ 3

5.       35.6 ÷ 10 =


Click here to open today’s maths lesson.

Click here to open the first set of extension questions (with answers).

Click here to open the second set of extension questions (with answers).

Art Follow this tutorial that will teach you to draw one of the most famous illustrated characters ever. Email me photos of your finished results if you’d like to share them with me!

Music Listening task: Click here to listen, then answer these questions about the piece. (Klezmer is one of Miss D’s favourite genres – feel free to explore it further!)

Performance task: Each day, ‘Body Beats’ is posting a session which uses the body as a percussion instrument. Find it here. This is a fun and effective way for developing rhythm and creating rhythmic patterns, as well as getting you moving. I highly recommend you tuning in each day to build upon the day before. I would also love it if you could email me your performances via email!