Year 6 – 14/01/22

This week has flown by in Year 6!

In Maths, we have been familiarising ourselves with the vocabulary multiple, factor, prime, square and product. The children learnt how to find common factors and common multiples, which has prepared them for beginning fraction learning next week.

In RE, the children wrote beautiful poems about where they see and notice God. These have formed our new classroom display. Have a read of what some of them wrote:

In History, we learnt about certain landmarks in Potters Bar that have relevance to the war, including the pillboxes in the golf course, and even a prisoner of war camp near Dancers Hill. It was fascinating to imagine our town playing its part in the war!

In Science, we began our new topic about Evolution. We looked at the timeline of the formation of the earth until now, which we then modelled on a toilet roll from the front of the school to the back. It was mind-blowing to see that on a 200-sheet toilet roll, humans have existed on the earth for only a fraction of the final sheet!

In Music, we explored rhythm, and played a game that involved using our body and a cup as percussion.

In Design and Technology, we began our project, which will result in making a fabric phone pouch. This week, we looked at the design process and wrote the design criteria for our product. There were some very interesting designs, and everyone’s very excited about it!

In PE, we began this half term’s gymnastics unit, in which we started today by learning and practising different balances.

Here is your home learning, due Wednesday 19th January:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Factors

·         Multiples

·         Highest Common Factor

·         Lowest Common Multiple

Reading Completion of 5 passages on ReadTheory
Spelling To be tested: 21/01/22

Please use your Spelling Frame logins to practise. This week’s list is Spelling Rule 42 on the site.















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