Year 5 23/2/18

We began our first week back with some art based on our History unit on the Vikings. The children created fantastic longboats using collage, paint, chalks, pastels and pens. The results are fantastic; they really brighten up our classroom.

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On Tuesday, we completed our football training with a tournament. I have been really impressed with the children’s attitude and the qualities they have demonstrated.

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On Thursday, Year 5 were excited to meet the chicks that hatched in Reception. The children headed downstairs to make notes on their observations. It was amazing for them to see this part of a chicken’s lifecycle up close and apply it to our science learning.

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This week, we have read the ending our class text from last half term. It was interesting to see how the author brought the events to a close and make comparisons to our own writing. We have also begun our next unit based on the epic story of Odysseus by analysing illustrations to make predictions

In R.E, we have been thinking about lent and understanding what the Gospel teaches us about Almsgiving, Prayer and Fasting. We took part in a school act of worship, where we placed our Lenten promises on our Lent tree. We have also been preparing for our Lenten mass at OLSV on Wednesday 28th February.

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Have a great weekend,


Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


Book 4-Equivalent fractions pg 29, adding and subtracting fractions pg 30

Book  5- Equivalent fractions pg 28, Ordering fractions pg 29.















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